2017 Brief —
The Morning
After Alcohol

Many of us enjoy a good night out with a few drinks and good company. Heavy drinking and/or drinking late into the night can easily leave you with blood alcohol levels that are too high to drive legally or safely. The 2017 brief is to increase awareness of this risk in the 18-25 year old demographic and create a behaviour of considering an alternative mode of transport the morning after alcohol.

“So rather than automatically getting behind the wheel, we want this campaign to make young people think about whether they’re still affected by alcohol and shouldn’t be driving.”

— Andrew Hardwick, Hard Edge

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The following resources from our partners provide valuable insight to the issue of Driving the Morning After Alcohol and formed an important part of the creative brief.



The Pitch

The 2017 Re:act pitch day followed the success of the previous year, with a range of awesome campaigns presented by the students. Lucy Boehme took out top spot with her clever 'Give Your Liver Longer' concept. 



Re:act 2017 Media Release